Aloha and welcome to the University of Hawai’i JABSOM Department of Medicine!

The core mission and vision of the University of Hawai’i Department of Medicine are centered on the health and well-being of the people of Hawai’i by providing excellent and state-of-the art care and knowledge in internal medicine and all of its sub specialties. Our vision is aligned with JABSOM’s significance of ALOHA: Attaining Lasting Optimal Health for All.  The delivery of excellent medical care requires constant and dedicated efforts not only in the clinical practice of medicine, but also with the education of patients and caregivers, and, new medical and scientific discoveries through research.
The research performed by the talent in the Department of Medicine has especially focused on variations in diseases due to the unique ethnic populations of Hawai’i. This uniqueness in Hawai’i has its challenges as some of our ethnic groups have relatively high rates of cancers, heart disease, metabolic diseases and infections compared with the Mainland U.S. Dedicated efforts have led to important discoveries such as the association between the bacteria, Helicobacter pylori, and stomach cancers and longevity genes that afford the Okinawan population with some of the longest lifespans across the world. We continue this proud tradition with ongoing federally funded investigations in cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, cancers, metabolic diseases and aging. Many of our clinical and research efforts are dedicated to the under-served populations in Hawai’i. As internal medicine is a rapidly evolving and dynamic field, Internal Medicine serves an important role through outreach to our communities and leaders by disseminating important medical information based on evidence provided through clinical trials and studies.
The Department of Medicine plays a major role in the education of future physicians by developing clinical learning environments and offering many courses, rotations and electives for the John A. Burns School of Medicine medical students. In addition, the Department of Medicine currently has the largest post-graduate internal medicine residency training program in Hawai’i with over 60 residents in training, including a fellowship training program in cardiology.
Lastly, our Department of Medicine recognizes and celebrates the remarkable diversity of Hawai’i’s people and pledges to continue its service and inclusion of all patients who seek our care.
Mahalo Nui
Scott K.Kuwada, MD, AGAF, FACP
Interim Chair and Professor of Medicine
Chief of Gastroenterology
University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine