September 2021

9/21/2021 Updates in GI 2021 by Scott Kuwada, MD

August 2021

8/17/2021 Useful Electronic Resources by Masayuki Nogi, MD + Summary Slide

July 2021

7/27/2021 COVID Variants, Ever Emerging by Erlaine Bello, MD

7/20/2021 Implementation of Milestones 2.0 and The Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) by Dennis Bolger, MD

May 2021

5/18/2021 Population Health: Passing Fad or the Future of Healthcare? by Natasha Parekh, MD

April 2021

4/20/2021 Encore: More News about COVID-19 Vaccines by Jennifer Mbuthia, MD

January 2021

1/12/2021 Adverse Effects Following Vaccines by Jennifer Mbuthia, MD

1/26/2021 Neurological and Mental Health Consequences of COVID-19 in Hawaii by Kore Liow, MD, Jason Viereck, MD, Frances Morden, MS2 and Max Nakamoto, MS1

December 2020

12/15/2020 Vaccines and the Immune System: Implications for COVID-19 by Jennifer Mbuthia, MD

October 2020

10/20/2020 The Evolution and Transformation of Primary Care by James Yess, MD and Stephanie Cornell, MD

September 2020

09/01/2020 Cardio-Oncology: Cardiovascular Diseases in Cancer Patients by Mehmet Cilingiroglu, MD

09/15/2020 Opioid Use Disorder and Buprenorphine by Miki Kiyokawa, MD

May 2020

05/19/2020 Attitudes Toward Addiction by Miki Kiyowaka, MD

March 2020

3/24/2020 COVID-19 Update by Dominic Chow, MD, Scott Souza, PharmD, Cecilia Shikuma, MD

February 2020

2/4/2020 The Crown by Erlaine Bello, MD

Past Grand Rounds

Date TitleDocument(s)VideoSpeaker(s)
1/15/2019Medical Cannabis and Epilepsy videoVictoria Wong, MD
12/18/2018Move It!
The 2018 Exercise Guidelines
  Cedric Akau, MD; Justin Young, MD
12/11/2018Osteoporotic Fractures  Ugis Gruntmanis, MD
12/4/2018For Faculty: Running aMOC(Maintenance of Certification).
Effective Feedback
  Reid Ikeda, MD; Elizabeth Tam, MD
11/13/2018Ready for Palliative Care: Designing a System of Care videoSteven Pantilat, MD
11/6/2018The Care of a Vet  Reese Omizo, MD
10/30/2018A Young Woman with Recent Onset of Shortness of Breath and Chest Pain  Luke Lam, MD
10/23/2018Do Allergic Patients Get Septic? Lessons from Immunologic Analysis During Infection  Philip Verhoef, MD, PhD, FAAP, FACP
10/16/2018The Physician and Patient Experience  Wanda Sharp, QMC Director of Patient Relations & Patient Experience
9/25/2018Addiction Medicine  Kevin Kunz, MD
8/21/2018Clinical Applications of Radiation Oncology: Palliative Regimens, Sterotactic Body Radiation Therapy, and Potential Upcoming Changes in Management of Metastatic Disease  Anthony Michaud, MD
8/14/2018Adjuvant Chemotherapy: Is it right for me?  Jared Acoba, MD
8/7/2018Residents as Teachers  Christie Izutsu, MD
7/31/2018Neurologic Emergencies Part I  Matthew Koenig, MD
7/24/2018TB or not TB? Hawaii Update in TB Screening, 2018  Masae Kawamura, MD
7/17/2018Oncologic Emergencies  Jeffrey Berenberg, MD
7/10/2018Inhaling the Cardiometabolic Sydrome: the Global Interface Between Air Pollution, Hypertension, and Diabetes Mellitus  Robert D. Brook, MD
6/12/2018Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma  Ryon Nakasone, MD
6/5/2018Life Around Volcanic Activity  Elizabeth Tam, MD
5/29/2018Under Pressure – Hyperbaric Medicine Update  Susan Steinemann, MD
5/22/2018Experiences on the Navajo Reservation  Christina Chong, MD
5/8/2018An Introduction to Radiation Oncology  Anthony Michaud, MD, PhD
5/1/2018A Yound Man with Seizures and Persistent Obtundation  Ivy Melgarejo, MD; Melvin Yee, MD
4/24/2018Evidence-Based Education: Deliberate Practice  Benjamin Berg, MD
4/17/2018“25-year Old Medical Student Presents 5 Minutes After Blood Splash to the Face”  Aaron Hoo, MD; Erlaine Bello, MD; Elizabeth Tam, MD
4/10/2018Highlights from Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine, Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine  Reid Ikeda, MD
3/27/2018Anaphylaxis, The Meat Lover’s Version  Matthew Lau, MD
3/20/2018Native Hawaiian Practices and Plants  Babette Galang, Traditional Healing & Complementary Health Director
3/13/2018Alcohol Use Disorders and the Lung  David M. Guidot, MD
3/6/2018Defining the Question, Exploring for Answers  Kazuma Nakagawa, MD, Tomoki Sempokuya, MD
2/27/2018End Stage Heart Failure: Getting to the Heart of the Matter  Winnie Suen, MD
2/20/2018Creating a Sustainable Healthcare System  Jeffrey Tom, MD, MS
2/13/2018Building Resiliency  Jessica Bunin, MD
2/6/2018OME Grand Rounds: The Importance of History for Medicine  Randall M. Packard, MA, PhD
1/30/2018ABC’s of the 3 D’s  Cody Takenaka, MD
1/23/2018Like Taxes, Lower is Better…The 2017 ACC/AHA BP Guidelines  Roland Ng, MD
1/16/2018Leading Change in Medicine  Jessica Bunin, MD
1/9/2018Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Essentials for the Internist  Shane Y. Morita, MD, PhD, FACS
12/19/2017“A Gift”  Katie Schoenman, MD, Corey Lum, DO
12/12/2017Treating Hypothyroidism:Issues in the Tissues  Elizabeth McAninch, MD
12/5/2017Acute Coronary Syndrome: Review and Update  Corey Lum, DO
11/28/2017The Good News About HIV  Cyril Goshima, MD
11/21/2017Navigating Publication and Peer Review  Victoria Wong, MD
11/14/2017OME Grand Rounds:Utilizing Library Resources in Medical Education  Kristen Anderson, MLIS, MPH, Library Director, Melissa Kahili-Heede, MLIS, Information Services and Instruction Librarian
11/7/2017Witholding and Withdrawing Therapy  Daniel Fischberg, MD, PhD
10/31/2017EKGs Trick or Treat  Gautham Kanagaraj, MD
10/24/2017“Just” Venting  Julius Cuong Pham, MD, PhD
10/17/2017Got Data?  James Davis, PhD, Elizabeth K. Tam, MD
10/10/2017OME Grand Rounds:Teaching and working in an intergenerational environment  Richard Kasuya, MD, MSEd, Professor
10/3/2017Update on Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis  Jeffrey A. Golden, MD
9/26/2017The ADA Standards of Medical Care 2017  Robert Ratner, MD
9/22/2017Should This Patient Have Bariatric Surgery? A Comprehensive Approach to Weight Management  Judith Rudnick, MD
9/12/2017Comprehensive Primary Care for Older Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions  Cathy C. Shubert, MD, AGSF, Dawn Butler, JD, MSW
8/22/2017Update in Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection  Erlaine Bello, MD, Nobu Ariyoshi, MD, Scott Gilbert, RN James Baron, RN
8/8/2017Challenges of Risk Management and Malpractice  Richard Philpott, JD, Lauren Bendiner, JD, CHC, Lee Buenconsejo-Lum, MD, FAAFP
7/25/2017All Gain and No (or little) Pain  Elizabeth Tam, MD
7/18/2017Disease In Japan: Unique Cases, Culture, and Pathology  Gautam Deshpande, MD
7/11/2017The Current State of GME Funding and the National Health Care Debate’s Potential Impacts to Patient Care in Hawai’i  Colette Masunaga, Legislative Analyst, Wilfred Hee & Jared Nakamura, Financial Analysts
5/23/2017Menopause. Osteoporosis  Bruce Kessel, MD
5/16/2017Are you Happy? Physician Burnout and Wellness  Kuo-Chiang Lian, MD
5/9/2017Preplanning to Advance Medical Education Part 2  Erlaine Bello, MD
5/2/2017Preplanning to Advance Medical Education Part 1  Erkaine Bello, MD
4/25/2017A Comprehensive Approach to Obesity Management  Linda Anegawa, MD
4/18/2017Women’s Heart Health  Margo Vassar, MD
4/11/2017Update in Nephrology 2016 cont.  Jay Lakkis, MD
4/4/2017Code Grey! Averting or Managing Difficult Situations in the Clinical Setting  Victoria H. Rollins, Director
3/28/2017Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria in Hawaii  Jennifer Honda, PhD
3/21/2017Biomarkers in Primary Care Practice  Steven Brauer, MD
3/14/2017Update in Nephrology 2016  Jay Lakkis, MD, Roland Ng, MD
2/28/2017Goals of Care Discussion in the Critical Care Setting videoJulius Pham, MD, PhD2/21/2016Physician Well-Being videoKevin McCauley, MD & David John, MD1/31/2016Using Insulin Intelligently videoRobert Ratner, MD1/24/2016Resuscitation from Shock videoMichael Pinsky, MD1/17/2016A middle-aged woman with persistent hypoglycemia videoDennis Bolger, MD, MPH & Sari Umekawa, MD12/13/2016Choosing Wisely: Dermatology videoSarah Grekin, MD11/29/2016Lung Cancer: A View from the Bedside videoMelvin Palalay, MD11/22/2016Pain and Opioid Prescribing Guidelines videoWilliam Haning, MD11/15/2016E-cigarettes: The Beginning of ENDS videoElizabeth Tam, MD


Acute Exacerbation of COPD


Elizabeth Tam, MD & Bruce Soll, MD




Webster Ross, MD


TB 101: Evaluation, Management, and Prevention


Erlaine Bello, MD


Transformation in Payment Mechanisms


Scott Himeda, MD


Update on the Management of Congestive Heart Failure


Diane Tran, MD, Mandi Cummings, APRN, & Jason Austria, RN


News Flash: Hepatitis A in Hawaii


Erlaine Bello, MD & Melissa Viray, MD


Update in Hospital Medicine


Jay Jahanmir, MD