Date Title Document(s) Video Speaker(s)
6/14/2016 Zika Virus – Update on a Moving Target

video Marian Melish, MD

6/7/2016 Introduction to Patient Safety

video Elizabeth Tam, MD & Mari Shiraishi, MD

5/31/2016 The Heart of Medicine is Aloha

video Bill Ahuna, MD & Peggy Latare, MD, FAAFP

5/24/2016 Improving Communication Skills of Internal Medical Residents Using Family Meeting Simulation Exercises

video Brent Matsuda, MD & Travis Watai, MD

5/17/2016 Inhibition of the Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System: How Far Have We Come?

video Jay Lakkis, MD

5/3/2016 2016 Update In Infectious Disease – ABIM MOC Module

video Erlaine Bello, MD

4/26/2016 A Young Japanese Male with Recurrent Paralysis

video Melvin Yee, MD & Cawin Wong Mizuba, MD

4/19/2016 Findings of a Global Health Outreach Trip to Chuuck, Micronesia

video Mark Lebehn, MD

4/12/2016 Multidisciplinary approach to the patient with interstitial lung disease

video Kevin Leslie, MD

4/5/2016 Ebola

video Tai-Ho Chen, MD

3/22/2016 Critical Care Psychiatry

video Jessica Bunin, MD

3/15/2016 Translational Medicine: The Evolution of Breast Cancer Treatments

video Kenneth Sumida, MD

3/8/2016 2016 Update in Pulmonary Disease ABIM MOC Module

video Bruce Soll, MD

2/23/2016 Traumatic Brain Injury

video Peter Rossi, MD

2/16/2016 Capacity Evaluations

video Anandam Hilde, MD, MPH & Jonathan Sy, MD

2/9/2016 Nephrotoxicity of New Chemotherapeutic Agents: Still A Vexing Problem For Clinicians

video Clarisse Toledo-Santos, MD

2/2/2016 Challenging Problems in Thyroid Practice

Hossein Gharib, MD, MACP, MACE
1/26/2015 Choosing Strategically: Antibiotics Update 2016

video Heath Chung, MD
1/19/2016 Choosing Wisely: GI

Joseph Manlolo, MD
12/15/2015 An Overlooked Laboratory Report

video S.Y. Tan, MD, JD
12/8/2015 Internal Medicine MS4 Bootcamp Prep

video Linda Anegawa, MD
12/1/2015 Part 2 of 2015 Update in Hospital Medicine (MOC Module)

video Mari Shiraishi, MD
11/24/2015 Primary Care and Oncology Coordination of Care

video Brian Issell, MD
11/17/2015 Fecal Microbiota Transplatation (FMT) for the Treatment of Clostridium difficile Infection

video Benjamin Thomas, MD
11/3/2015 Nuts and Bolts of Preparing an Abstract

video Dennis Bolger, MD, MPH & Elizabeth Tam, MD
10/27/2015 MD and DO Curricula

video Wahida Azimi, DO
10/20/2015 Science of Safety

video Julius Pham, MD, PhD
10/13/2015 Horizons in Addiction Management

video George Fein, PhD
10/6/2015 2015 Update in Hospital Medicine (MOC Module)

video Gurdev Leo Singh, MD
9/29/2015 Big Changes in Japanese Medical Education System

video Shigeki Fujitani, MD, PhD
9/22/2015 Oncology Trends in Hawai’i

video Clayton Chong, MD, MPH
9/15/2015 Internet and Social Media Liability

video S.Y. Tan, MD, JD
9/8/2015 OME Grand Rounds Adjusting the Target: How the EPAs and Level 1 Milestones are Redefining the Competencies of a Graduating Medical Student

Richard Kasuya, MD, MSEd
9/1/2015 ICD 10, 9, 8, 7… Countdown to October 1, 2015!

pdf_button video Essie White, CPC, COCO, CGSC, CPC-1, CPMA
8/25/2015 ABC’s of Allergy: Choosing Wisely Series

video Matthew Lau, MD
8/18/2015 Choosing Wisely: Neurology

video Doug Miles MD, PhD
8/11/2015 Challenges in Faculty Development for FY 2016 video Jerris Hedges, MD, MS, MMM
8/4/2015 Utilizing Mobile Apps for Busy Clinicians video Masayuki Nogi, MD
7/28/2015 Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome video Erlaine Bello, MD
7/21/2015 Choosing Wisely: Hematology video William Loui, MD
7/14/2015 Maintenance of Certification (Human Participants Research Certification, that is) video Elizabeth Tam, MD
7/7/2015 Welcome – Imua! video Elizabeth Tam, MD, Linda Anegawa, MD, & Reid Ikeda, MD