Date Title Document(s) Video Speaker(s)
01/11/2011 Attending Rounds:  Tips for Teaching Clinical Skills Joel Brown
01/18/2011 Single-Payer Healthcare Financing – Prospects for Hawaii Stephen Kemble
01/25/2011 A Cardiology Dialogue Irwin/John/Ralph/Christian Schatz/Cogan/Shohet/Spies
02/01/2011 Taking Care of Your Academic Career Dorothy Shigaki
02/08/2011 Ventilator Microsimulation:  A Novel Assessment of Competency Jonathan Paladino
02/15/2011 Transitional Care – Local Perspectives on the Inpatient/Ambulatory Interface Glenn/Marina Rediger/Roytman
02/22/2011 Advances in the Long-term Management of COPD Barry Make
03/01/2011 Faculty Town Hall Elizabeth/Erlaine/Laurie Tam/Bello/Tam
03/08/2011 Workplace Non-violence Curtis Zane
03/15/2011 A Curious Case of Osteomalacia Mariko Johnson
03/22/2011 Chronic Hepatitis C Naoky Tsai
03/29/2011 Medical Education Journal Club
04/05/2011 Dengue Fever Joel Brown
04/12/2011 How Neurologists Think:  What My Errors Taught Me Martin Samuels
04/19/2011 New Rheumatoid Arthritis Criteria and Management Kristine/Scott Uramoto/Kawamoto
04/22/2011 Medicine 1936-2011:  What Has Changed in 75 Years Lawrence Tierney
04/25/2011 Medicine 1936-2011:  What Has Changed in 75 Years Lawrence Tierney
04/26/2011 Clinical Pearls and Evidence-Based Medicine Lawrence Tierney
04/27/2011 Physical Exam of the Heart Lawrence Tierney
05/03/2011 Update from the APDIM Spring Meeting Fritzie Igno
05/10/2011 Medicare Update for 2011 Jean Matsushita
05/17/2011 The Use of Advanced Brain Imaging Techniques to Diagnose and Track Neurodegenerative Diseases John C. Mazziotta
05/20/2011 Graduate Medical Education in Japan Bruce/Takeshi Soll/Iimura
05/24/2011 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA):  Implications for Hawaii Stephen Kemble
05/31/2011 Teaching Tools for the Busy Clinician Educator Richard Kasuya
06/07/2011 In-Training & ABIM Exam Update Cynthia Hew
06/14/2011 Student Development at JABSOM (cancelled) Richard Smerz
06/21/2011 Summer Hiatus
06/28/2011 Summer Hiatus
07/05/2011 Summer Hiatus
07/12/2011 Emergencies in Gastroenterology Scott, Kristi Kuwada, Lopez
07/19/2011 Coding for Physicians at Teaching Hospitals (PATH) Jeri Leong
07/26/2011 Escherichia coli:  A Versatile Enteric Pathogen Joel Brown
08/02/2011 Residency Update:  Things Faculty Don’t Want to Know About, But Need To Erlaine Bello
08/09/2011 Let’s Be SAFER Elizabeth Tam
08/16/2011 Diabetes and Tuberculosis:  Double Trouble Richard Brostrom
08/23/2011 Inflammatory Myopathies Brandon Hirota
08/30/2011 Evaluating Learners and Delivering Effective Feedback Richard Kasuya
09/06/2011 Pipeline:  Recruitment and Selection at JABSOM and UHIMRP Satoru/Emilio Izutsu/Ganitano
09/13/2011 Clinical Supervision PIM and ABIM Recertification Exam Miki, Laurie Kiyokawa, Tam
09/20/2011 Coronary Artery Disease in Women Nisha, Kahea Parikh, Rivera
09/27/2011 What Can PM&R Offer You:  An Evidence-Based Medicine Approach David Cifu
10/04/2011 Educational and Distance Technology Tools Cynthia Hew
10/11/2011 Practice-Based Research Elizabeth Tam
10/18/2011 NSAIDs and the Kidney — How Much is Enough? Kalani Yamamoto
10/25/2011 Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Urvashi Bhan
11/01/2011 In Lieu of Grand Rounds, AHD GI Case Presentations
11/08/2011 Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Updates Ashlee, Dorothy Nekoba, Shigaki
11/15/2011 Update on HIV Prevention Cecilia Shikuma
11/22/2011 Intracerebral Hemorrhage:  Overview and Current Status Kazuma Nakagawa
11/29/2011 Bridging the Generational Gap Between Teachers and Learners Richard Kasuya
12/06/2011 Update from Academic Internal Medicine Week 2011 Margo, Miki Vassar, Kiyokawa
12/13/2011 Pragmatic Clinical Trials:  Improving Design and Conduct of Clinical Studies Roland Ng
12/20/2011 Medical Home:  A Team Approach John Houk
01/10/2012 Carotid Artery Disease and Treatment Ramy, David, Melvin Badawi, Wong, Wong
01/17/2012 Update on State of Hawaii Health Care Reform Stephen Kemble
01/24/2012 Health Sciences Library Update and Reference Management Virginia Tanji
01/31/2012 Foie Gras:  Not Just Ducks Naoky Tsai
02/07/2012 Clinical and Research Activities at the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Henry, Pauline, Edson, Christine Lew, Mashima, Hirohata, Fiestas
02/14/2012 Biostatistics, Biostatisticians and the JABSOM Biostatistics Core John Chen
02/21/2012 Federally Qualified Health Centers: Past, Present, and Role in Health Care Reform Glenn, Matthew Rediger, Nagato
02/28/2012 Cross-Cultural Training at JABSOM:  A Panel Discussion Brad, Maria, Martina, Glenn Chun, Chun, Kamaka, Rediger
03/06/2012 Professionalism Curriculum Laurie Tam
03/13/2012 Electronic Medical Record Documentation and Computer Security Hausen Cheong
03/20/2012 Deployment Related Lung Disease Eric Crawley
03/27/2012 Disease In Japan:  Unique Cases, Culture, and Pathology Gautam Deshpande
04/03/2012 Management of Hypertension:  How NICE is JNC 8 going to be? Sanjay Rajagopalan
04/10/2012 Point-Counterpoint on Prostate Cancer:  A Panel Discussion Jeffrey, Robert, Timothy, Joseph Berenberg, Sheffler, Wagner, Sterbis
04/17/2012 Drug Allergy Akila Sreedharan
04/24/2012 Colonic Diverticulosis James Grobe